CY2305 Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) Crystal Substrates

Catalog No. CY2305
Size 20x20x0.5mm, 10x10x0.5mm, 5x5x0.5mm
Material CaCO3
Orientation <100>, <001> ±0.5º

SAM strictly selects natural growing calcium carbonate raw materials to provide calcium carbonate crystals with high quality and competitive prices.

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Description of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) Crystal Substrates

Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is a non-uniaxial crystal with large birefringence and a wide spectral range. CaCO3 crystals are suitable for visible and near-infrared polarizing materials. CaCO3 is a mineral crystal with high birefringence and polarization characteristics. It is mainly used in the defense industry and high-precision optical instruments and has important applications in high-end radio and astrophysics.

calcium carbonate

Specifications of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) Crystal Substrates


CaCO3 substrate

Crystal Structure 

Trigonal system

Lattice constant

a= 4.989 c= 17.062

Melting point

1339 °C


2.71 g/cm3

Thermal Conductivity

4.646 W/m·K for 273 K

Thermal expansion coefficient

aa = 24.39 x10-6/K;       ac = 5.68 x10-6/K

Non-uniaxial: no=na=nb , ne=nc

Refractive index

no = 1.6557,     ne = 1.4852,    Dh = -0.1705,   

r = 6.20°    at 0.63 um

no = 1.6629,     ne = 1.4885,    Dh = -0.1744,   

r = 6.32°    at 1.30 um


(wavelength mm)

no2= 2.69705 + 0.0192064/( λ 2 –0.01820) – 0.0151624  λ 2

ne2 = 2.18438 + 0.0087309/( λ 2 –0.01018) – 0.0024411  λ 2

Beam deviation

< 3 arc min

Transmitting wavefront distortion

< l/2 @ 632.8 nm

Transmission range

350nm - 2300nm


 <100>, <001> ±0.5º

Standard Size

50x50x30mm, 1”x1”x1.0mm, 10x10x0.5mm, 5x5x0.5mm


Fine ground, One side polished or Two sides polished

Surface Roughness(Ra) < 5A


Applications of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) Crystal Substrates

- Mainly used in the defense industry and high-precision optical instruments


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